Commercial Pest Control Offers the Same Benefits on a Larger Scale!

Many companies represent themselves as being able to offer quality commercial pest control. Business owners often find out that unfortunately many of these companies are coming up short. If you are unhappy with your current commercial pest control service, Pro Pest can offer a better solution. We understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient a pest problem can be, especially to a commercial property owner or manager. And no matter how often you have your commercial property cleaned, bugs will still find a way inside and begin to multiply.

Pro Pest can eliminate your pest infestations, GUARANTEED! Do not fall for the tagline of a company that is less qualified to do a large-scale job. We offer reliable commercial pest control at reasonable rates and can promise you that pests will be a thing of the past when Pro Pest is your number one choice for all things pest control. Kansas City, Omaha and St. Louis commercial property owners should call today to schedule a FREE estimate!

Integrated Pest Management

Our residential clients already know that our comprehensive indoor pest management technique is phenomenal. We offer the same types of treatment on a commercial level. Our technicians are able to apply effective treatments that are specifically designed to deter small rodents such as mice, rats, ants, spiders and silverfish from the interior of your commercial property. Just as we offer FREE service calls with our smaller scale comprehensive indoor pest control treatment packages, we do the same for our commercial clients. If there are any issues that arise in between applications, just give us a call and we will make sure everything is taken care of and your property is pest-free.

While our comprehensive pest control program will eliminate and deter the most common pests, it does not cover roaches, fleas, ticks, chiggers or bed bugs. These treatments are more specialized and are offered as separate packages of pest control. Commercial property owners and managers are invited to call Pro Pest today to learn more about all our treatment packages. We will give you details about our bed bug remediation program that eliminates ALL bed bugs (including larvae) by using the appropriate combination of products. There is no pest too big or small for Pro Pest to handle so call today to learn all the information we have to offer and schedule a FREE consultation!

Types of Properties Treated

  • Restaurants
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Office/Retail Locations

Commercial Termite Control

Pro Pest offers FREE termite inspections to our commercial clients. Termites work fast, which is why you should have Pro Pest on the job to perform routine inspections and nip any termite infestation in the bud before it compromises the structural integrity of your commercial property. If termites have begun to eat away at the wood within your commercial property, Pro Pest will recommend the best commercial termite control package to fit your needs. Do not let these wood-eating insects cause thousands, if not millions, of dollars in damage. Call Pro Pest to get the best in pest control. Commercial property owners and managers should call today to schedule their FREE estimate!

Convenient Commercial Pest Control Packages Available

At Pro Pest, we know there is no such thing as “one size fits all” pest control.Commercial properties experience different types of pest problems and we offer solutions to any type of issue that may arise. Pro Pest currently offers monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time packages to fit your schedule and needs. As with all our packages, we give our clients the best bang for their buck. Each package is reasonably priced and guaranteed to deliver optimal results. If you are not sure what type of pest control will fit your needs the best, one of our friendly and experienced Pro Pest technicians will be happy to survey your commercial property and give you expert advice. We will never try to sell you on programs that you do not need or do not fit within your budget. Honesty and integrity are vital parts of our business and of course we want to make sure you are completely happy with your service, so you can rely on Pro Pest to always be honest and upfront about all services and costs.

Quality Service at Affordable Rates

Pro Pest uses the latest exterminator treatment methods to eliminate and prevent pest infestations. Our specialists are trained to use pest control treatments responsibly with regard for people, pets and the environment. Protecting the health and property of our clients is what we do best while also wiping out insect infestations. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified, and they are re-certified in the latest treatment methods.

As an annual customer, if pests come back between our regular services, we will return to remedy the situation at no additional cost to you. Call Pro Pest today and learn what your neighbors already know – we offer the absolute best pest control in the area! Do not wait until pest problems get out of hand, call us today and make sure pests do not get the best of your business.

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