Comprehensive Indoor Pest Control Treatments

Your home should be an environment where you feel safe and protected. When you have pests, it can create a serious issue for you and your family. Many pests carry diseases or can contaminate your bedroom, your kitchen and your bathrooms. With the help of Pro Pest, worrying about pests can be a thing of the past. We offer a comprehensive pest control program that is scientifically engineered to kill any pests that are living and reproducing in your home, as well as deter other pests from entering your house. We have the absolute best exterminators on staff, who are trained to seek out and destroy unwanted bugs and rodents that dwell within your living environment.

Our comprehensive indoor pest management program consists of four complete applications spanning a 12 month period, with the initial treatment applied on the inside and outside of your home. By applying exterior treatments, our technicians are creating an invisible barrier that will act as a wall between unwanted pests and your home. This treatment is done by one of our fully licensed and uniformed pest management professionals and will be designed to give your home an entire year’s worth of protection from a wide range of pesky little creatures.

What Does the Indoor Comprehensive Treatment Cover?

Pro Pest’s indoor treatments are designed to seek out and destroy a multitude of nuisance pest problems including small rodents, ants, spiders and silverfish. These are the typical pests that often invade homes and are difficult to eliminate without professional products applied by a trained and licensed exterminator. Homeowners should make sure these pests are not a problem within the home. Rodents especially can carry diseases and even lice, which can be transmitted to your family and cause mild to serious illnesses. Because they do not discriminate as to where they release their droppings, food and food preparation surfaces can become contaminated with e. coli bacteria which can sometimes be fatal. This general treatment is designed to eradicate basic pest problems, but is not designed to eliminate roaches, fleas, ticks, chiggers or bed bugs. But don’t worry; Pro Pest has treatments for more serious pests as well!

After the initial treatment, our exterminator will visit your home three more times and apply treatments on the exterior of your home. These applications are preventative, and will make sure even the smallest creepy crawlies will not be able to access the interior of your home. If by chance a problem should arise in between treatments, contact Pro Pest as soon as possible. We offer FREE service calls in between treatments. Our top priority is making sure your treatments are working the way they were designed to – which means absolutely no pests!

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