Comprehensive Indoor Pest Control Treatments

Indoor Pest Control

Pests can create a serious issue for you and your family and can contaminate your bedroom, your kitchen, and your bathrooms. Professionals have scientifically engineered this program to kill pests that are living and reproducing in the home. All technicians are trained to seek out and destroy unwanted bugs and rodents that dwell within your living environment.

Four complete applications make up our comprehensive indoor pest program. Each treatment spans a 12 month period. A technician applies the first treatment to both the inside and outside of your home to create an invisible barrier that will act as a wall between unwanted pests and your home.

Which Pests Are Covered?

A small rodent can transmit mild to serious illnesses to humans. These pests do not discriminate as to where they release their droppings, food and food preparation surfaces can become contaminated with e. coli bacteria. Some forms of e. coli can be fatal. Professionals have designed this comprehensive treatment to eradicate basic pest problems. This treatment is not designed to eliminate roaches, fleas, ticks, chiggers or bed bugs. See our additional treatments here.

A licensed and uniformed technician applies the treatments. There will be a total of 4 treatments. Our first treatment will be to the interior of the home while the last three will be to the exterior of your home. These applications are preventative and will prevent pest access to the interior of your home. If by chance a problem should arise in between treatments, contact Pro Pest as soon as possible. We offer FREE service calls in between treatments. The manager ensures that all treatments work as designed and eliminates pests.