Spider – Identification and Treatments

Spider – Identification and Treatments
Spider - Identification and Treatments

Common Types:

Hobo spider, brown recluse, cellar/harvestmen, garden spider, house spider, etc.

How to Identify:

Spider – Identification and Treatments. Although there are over 35,000 species of spider in the world, they can all be identified by their two body segments, eight legs, multiple eyes, and lack of wings or antennae. Spiders come in all colors but the ones found in households are often brown or black. Spiders have a wide range of sizes, the smallest being 0.37 mm long and the largest being 90 mm long with leg spans of 250 mm. An easy indicator of spiders in a home are their webs, often constructed in corners, archways, or any place with a large amount of insects passing through.

It is possible for one house to contain multiple species of spiders because some prefer warm, dry environments like air vents and attics while others prefer cool, damp areas like basements and crawl spaces. Spiders feed on all types of insects, including other spiders. They capture their prey in silk webs and inject them with venomous poison which liquefies its insides. Most spider bites simply cause irritation and red marks to humans, but some bites, such as those from the brown recluse or black widow, can be deadly. Female spiders can lay up to 3,000 eggs into an egg sack; some die immediately after, but in some species they will actively care for their offspring. The eggs hatch into small spiderlings which will moult several times to become sexually mature adults.

How to Stop Them:

Spiders usually enter homes through holes in window screens or cracks in doorways and window frames. Sealing off all entry points can help prevent spiders from entering the home. They can also come inside hiding in boxes or objects previously left outside or in sheds/garages. Some spiders, like the harvestmen or “daddy long legs” are beneficial predators and can help reduce the population of other nuisance insects. However, if there is a large population of any species of spider within your house this can be remedied by contacting a pest control professional.